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Yum | Yum Extender “yumex” | Fedora 14 | Fedora 15

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Yum is package manager used on several RPM system, used for update and install/uninstall additional packages on your distributions, also used for updating currently installed packages in your system.

Yum extender or known as yumex is also do same functions as same as yum for un/installing, and updating packages with graphical user interface instead of using the command line interface “CLI”. Most Linux distributions these days comes with software installer such as gnome package manager on Fedora, synaptic package manager Ubuntu and Debian, but lately I used yumex to install applications and update packages on Fedora 14, and i found it really¬†useful¬†and easy to use instead of using gnome package manager on Fedora 14.

Yumex similar to many package manager available on most distributions these days, but it has a few great features like detailed installation history, quick access to available repositories and easily activate or deactivate them.

Install Yum Extender “yumex” in Fedora 14 and Fedora 15

yum install yumex


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