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Wine 3.3 Supports Vulkan API [Development Release]

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Wine is a free and open source software allows you to run Microsoft Windows softwares on Linux, BSD, MAC platforms and it also supports Android operating systems. WineHQ’s team has released a new development release Wine 3.3. The latest release brought some new features and bug fixes for many applications and games. So, let’s check the key features and some of the bug fixes came with the recent release.

Wine 3.3 release

Wine 3.3 now supports Vulkan which is a quit strong competitor to OpenGL and Direct3D in respect to CPU and GPU utilization for intensive games and applications. Vulkan is capable of rendering 2D and 3D elements with a decent CPU utilization distributed between multiple CPU cores.

Direct3D multi-threaded command stream and Multisample textures are now enabled by default. It supports SDL gamepad and joystick drivers for game controllers with the implementation of haptic vibration feedback for controllers. Also, it brought various bug fixes to many games such as Max Payne 2, The Witcher 3, The Witness and Just Cause 2. Check the release notes of Wine 3.3 for more information. Also it includes the source packages for the development release.

Download Wine 3.3

Download page includes download options for the stable release “wine 3.0” and development release “Wine 3.3” and instructions for the major Linux distributions and other operating systems as well along with binary packages and source code of Wine releases.

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