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Wine 2.14 Released | Supports Z-Order for Android Graphics Driver and Brings Bug Fixes for Many Games

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Wine is free and open source software aims to run Microsoft Windows Applications on Linux, MAC OS X, and BSD. The development release Wine 2.14 is now available to Download. Check What’s New in the development release Wine 2.14.

What’s new in Wine 2.14 Development Release

Wine 2.14 brings updates and bug fixes to mono-engine (mono profiler). Supporting Z-order for overlapping objects (windows overlap) in the Android graphics driver. Scalable mouse cursors on MAC OS X. C++ calling convention workarounds in the IDL compiler. Bug fixes for multiple games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Saints Row 3 (Fixed the crashing issue for Steam when it starts up), Dead by Daylight (Fixed the startup crashing issue for the game), The Witcher 3(the game is working with wine-staging 2.8 instead of wine-staging 2.9), DiRT Showdown (Fixed hanging issue when starting the game) and more. Check the full list of bug fixes in the release announcement of Wine 2.14.

Download Wine 2.14

The download page includes source packages and installation instructions for different Linux distributions such as (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and Debian) for Wine 2.14 development release and last stable release Wine 2.0.2 as well.

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