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Watsup System Monitor Software With a Floating Window

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Watsup is a simple system monitor software, it displays the CPU load, HDD I/O rates, temperature and network I/O rates in a small floating window overlays in top of any windows or panels. So, this is a really good option in case you want to keep track of your system resources all the time.

There are many system monitor applications with many great features and highly customizable system monitor options such as “Conky” which is one of my favorite system monitor applications for X. If you are looking forward to display many system resources information on your desktop, you should use “Conky” instead of Watsup. However, Watsup is quite good system monitor if you intended to use it for a limited purposes.


Watsup features:

  • Overall system and top process resources are shown on one page.
  • CPU, memory, disk I/O, network I/O, and page faults are monitored.
  • The highest ranked processes fitting in the window are shown.
  • Minimal jumping around between samples (easy to follow a process).
  • Process rank is a weighted sum of recent CPU, hard page faults, and disk I/O.
  • Filter processes by user, PID, or program name.
  • Run as root via toolbar button (after password entry).
  • Click on a process to kill the process (after confirmation).

Download Watsup:

Debian packages ” tested on Ubuntu ” watsup-2.7-i686.deb – watsup-2.7-x86_64.deb.

Tarball with source code to compile it from the source. watsup-2.7.tar.gz.

If you are going to install it from the source, make sure you have built the required dependencies for Watsup, follow the installation instructions Here.

Source “Watsup”.

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