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VirtualBox 6.0 Supports Exporting VMs to Oracle Cloud and Supports Linux 4.20

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Oracle has announced their new major release VirtualBox 6.0. The recent release comes with several new features, user interface enhancements and many bug fixes.

VirtualBox 6.0

VirtualBox is a free and Open Source Hypervisor for hosting virtual machines on Linux, Solaris, MAC OS X, Microsoft Windows.

Exporting virtual machines to Oracle cloud infrastructure is an a quite good addition to the recent release. Simply by using “Export Appliance from File drop down menu” and select the format type and it will compress the image for you to import it to your Oracle Cloud.

The new major release Oracle 6.0 Introduces a new polished user interface with a better support for HIDPI and scaling. A new file manager to to eases the process for sharing files between guests and from the host itself.

Linux Kernel 4.20 is currently supported and it’s available to download with the major binary packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, CentOS, Oracle, and Debian as well.

For Linux and especially Microsoft Windows Users you will expect a better polished user interface with a 3D enhancements on the Virtualbox host and VMSVGA 3D graphics device emulation on Linux and Solaris guests.

Hyper-V on Windows could be used as fallback execution core to avoid performance degradation during usage on Windows platforms only. A better sound support for recent major release Microsoft Windows 10 Build 1809.

Linux platforms Supports VMSVGA and X11 Additions for a better 3D and OpenGL support using VMware’s SVGA II graphics adapter.

Many Bug fixes took place on Virtualbox 6.0. Please check the changelogs for further details.

Download VirtualBox 6.0 for Linux

The binary packages for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS “Bionic Beaver”, RHELs 7.x, RHEL 6.x, Debian and Oracle are currently available on the Download Page for Linux.

Check the Download page for Microsoft Windows other platforms.

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