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Upcoming Artwork For Xubuntu 10.10 Maverick Wallpapers – Themes – Icons

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Upcoming Xubuntu 10.10 based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat with Xfce desktop environment coming with many artwork enhancement for Wallpapers, Icons, and Themes.

Xubuntu Artwork wiki shows new logo, text logo with different dimensions, great wallpapers collection vector, bitmap, and photography wallpapers.

Default Xubuntu 10.10 Wallpaper:

This might become the default wallpaper for Xubuntu 10.10

Xubuntu 10.10 GTK2 theme and Xfwm theme:

Upcoming GTK theme based on Zuki Blues on deviantart, Bluebird theme Here great light theme designed by Shimmer

Axiom Xfwm theme for xfce window manager:

Check Xubuntu 10.10 Artwork Wiki Here for more Informations.

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