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Ubuntu TV Will Be Revealed By Canonical At CES 2012

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Canonical introduced a new online entertainment experience with Ubuntu TV. It will allow you to watch movies, and TV shows over the web with need to additional devices except the Ubuntu TV. It will be a strong competitor to satellite TV and many online TV streamers because you will be able to search through millions of movies and TV shows and watch it directly or record it to watch it later.

Ubuntu TV offers integration of Ubuntu One, so you will be watch photos, movies and listen to music synchronized in any devices with your own personal cloud for Ubuntu One. Also you can a personalized playlist of movies suitable for kids to separate it from your movies. Ubuntu TV allows you to play movies with different languages and ability to select subtitles. Ubuntu TV will be showcasing at CES in Las Vegas, and it will be available by the end of this year. For more information check Ubuntu TV features and hardware specifications required Here.

Canonical to showcase Ubuntu TV at CES

Ubuntu TV website.

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