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Ubuntu Studio 11.10 Will Get Xfce Desktop

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Ubuntu Studio 11.04 comes with Gnome 2.xx not Unity or Gnome-Shell cause it don’t target audience or intended workflow. Now Ubuntu Studio developer mentioned on the mailing list they will re-base the project on Xfce lightweight desktop environment with custom user interface UI instead of Gnome 2 desktop.

Xfce desktop environment require fewer system resources otherwise Gnome and Unity Desktops. Ubuntu Studio 11.10 will include Avant Window Navigator AWN dock for easier navigation on Xfce desktop, along with new artwork and Packages.

After various discussions, investigation and tinkering the UbuntuStudio team have decided to re-base the project on XFCE. The teamsimple feel that Unity and GNOME-Shell do not fit our target audienceor intended workflow.
We will be working toward using a custom UI which will feature AvantWindow Navigator prominently over top of XFCE. As usual, new art andpackages will be introduced as well.

We will also be working to ensure a smooth upgrade path for currentGNOME users is possible.we’ll be using the Xfce desktop environment.  What does that mean? Menus will look a little bit different and some of the default apps will bedifferent.  Xfce is touted to require fewer system resources than Gnome orKDE, but it can basically run all the same apps as Gnome or KDE.  Mypersonal opinion is that it may not be as visually polished as the Gnomedesktop, but it is very similar, seems more stable than KDE, and what it maylack in eye candy it seems to make up for in being lightweight, fast, andreliable.  I’ll miss Gnome, but I think we’ll all adjust quite easilybecause the main nuts and bolts of doing things is just like the traditionalGnome that we’re all used to.

— -Cory K.

Thanks for the tip Tommy Hjalmarsson.

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