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Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011 | ODM Ubuntu Portal

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Canonical introduced the new portal in ubuntu hardware summit yesterday held on Taipei, Taiwan. aims to provide help to engineering, and developers with manufacturing devices running Ubuntu operating system.

At Ubuntu Hardware Summit many topics have been discussed about building devices with OEMs and ODMs with Ubuntu based system and how efficient it will be. Supporting Utouch gesture along with multi-touch capability. Ubuntu Kernel team covering the debugging process for Linux kernel and drivers integration process on Linux Kerenel. Also discussed the PulseAudio’s timer schedule and it”s mixer, and what sound drivers, BIOS and hardware must support for these features to work.

Video Preview shows the Utouch gesture and Multi-Touch Capability

You might want to check for how to get started with Ubuntu hardware debugging process, many tips and tricks for building Linux Kernel, debugging tools, and more information about Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011.


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