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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Running on Google Chrome CR-48 Netbook

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Many users applied to pilot program to receive Google chrome CR-48 Netbook was looking forward to use different operating system on it, i was looking forward to do that too, unfortunately i didn’t receive mine yet. Here’s a video shows Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Runing on Google Chrome CR-48 Netbook.

Caps Lock & Functions Keys working On Ubuntu

According to youtube’s users comments that Caps Lock and Functions keys working as same as any default keyboard.

Boot Ubuntu On Google Chrome CR-48 Netbook

If you already have chrome cr-48 netbook you can install Ubuntu on it along with Google Chrome Operating system.  Check chromium developer wiki for booting instructions Here.

Flash and Visual Effects on Google Chrome CR-48 Netbook

Other video shows youtube’s videos and Visual effects running on Google Chrome CR-48 Netbook.


Thanks to “InitialDriveGTR”, “Chromium Developer”

  • Google CR-48 running Ubuntu 10.10 Here.
  • Google CR-48 ubuntu 2 Here.
How to boot Ubuntu on a Cr-48 Here.

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