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Ubuntu 10.04 beta 1 Review

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Hello guys,

Already reviewed ubuntu 10.04 alpha 3 here, as you will see in this post a big difference between ubuntu 10.04 alpha 3 and beta 1 version, New default theme that mentioned on ubuntu fresh look post ….

Release notes & Download Release announcement

Hardware specification:

this is the hardware specification used to run this version of ubuntu 10.04

  • 1 core processor 2.1 Ghz
  • 1 GB of ram
  • 12 Mb of video memory

with this hardware spec it was working great guys, so i believe if you have a decent machine it will work better.

Installation process :

Installed on Virtual machine “sun virtualbox”

First Boot after completing the installation

“Close, minimize, maximize” button in the left side of the title bar

More option added to right click menu for sharing to ubuntu one, moving to and copy to even it’s  a file or folder

Pitivi default video editor

New look for Ubuntu software center

Yahoo is the default search engine for firefox 3.6, but it’s up to you can change it later to any other search engine

Terminal background color looks really good specially with this theme, also it’s up to you can change it later.

New menu to control your chat account what ever it’s ” pidgin or empathy” , controlling Gwibber, and ubuntu one

Gwibber works really good here , I faced many problem with using it on ubuntu 10.04 alpha 3 version. but it’s working great now even it’s a development version till now.

Sound preference with better control access menu.

Overall after the installation:

It was working really good, much better than the older version “alpha 3”

Ubuntu 10.04 beta 2 will release at 8th of April, and the final version will release 29th of  April.

with first installation on virtualbox with 16 mb of video memory it was working a little bit slower.

Please guys leave your feedback, try to install it in your machine and report any bugs you faced so the development community able to fix many bugs for next release.

Thanks guys,

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