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Top 30 Dark Gnome Themes GTK 2.x

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Found a lot of themes while surfing websites for the best Dark Gnome Themes, those themes will required GTK 2.x , Emeraled, compiz for extra visualization. you can make your own customization using Emeraled or basically customize theme from Appearance Preferences.

Also you will find on many of those themes coming with icons pack and fonts, make sure you read the installation instruction for each one, to get same looking themes as shown. let’s check Top 30 Dark Gnome Themes.

1. LaGaDesk 102 Suite 1.0.0

Download LaGaDesk

2. Cobra 0.0.4

Download Cobra

3. Onux

Download Onux

4. Black2 GTK  +  emerald

Download Black2 GTK

5. Awesome Theme

for OpenBox and you will find link for GTK

Download Awesome Theme

6. Khal Blue 0.1

Download Khali Blue

7. Wii Black 0.5

Download Wii Black 0.5

8. Clearlooks blackblue

Download ClearLooks BlackBlue

9. Black and Blue gtk2x

Download Black and Blue GTK2x

10. BlackRain 2

Download BlackRain 2

11. Turquoise Nights II

Download Turquoise Nights II

12. Kuler V5

Download Kuler V5

13. Lucid Night

Download Lucid Night

14. Yellow Jackets Dark

Download Yellow Jackets Dark

15. Divinorum 0.4.0

Download Divinorum 0.4.0 Theme

16. Darkness gtk2 (rgba false) 1.3b

Download Darkness gtk2  1.3b

17. QDarkStudio4 Theme

Download QDarkStudio4 theme

18. Imperfection Alpha version

Download Imperfection Alpha version

19. carbon fiber GTK

Download Carbon Fiber GTK Theme

20. Glass Holes GTK

Download Glass Holes GTK Theme

21. Gabriel

Download Gabriel Theme

22. Kreator Theme 1.0.5

Download Kreator Theme 1.0.5

23. Silent Night II 1.2

Download Silent Night II

24. Dark Star Theme

Download Dark Star theme

25. K9 Theme

Download K9 Theme

26. Darkness Transparent GTK

Download Darkness Transparent GTK Theme

27. Smart Dark GTK Theme

Download Smart Dark Theme

28. Fresh Dark Gnome Theme 2.1

Download Fresh Dark Gnome Theme

29. Cole Theme

Download Cole Theme

30. QDS4 Requiem Theme

Download QDS4 Requiem Theme

And This was the last one, you can always find more “” Keep surfing around “” 😉

That’s it for NOW.

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