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Top 15 Avant Window Navigator “AWN” Themes | Part 3

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An infinite Avant Window Navigator AWN dock themes collections looks amazing with different styles ” Lucido, Floaty, Edgy, Curved, 3D, and Flat style”. Also you might want to check Part 1 and Part 2 AWN themes.

How to install Avant Window Navigator AWN Theme

Run AWN settings then go to Themes tab then install button and select .tgz file.

Another way for installing theme

Extract .tgz file then paste it to this path

 /Home/user account/.config/awn/themes

Download 15 AWN Themes

Floaty Panel AWN Theme

Elementary AWN Theme

Urban Like Dock AWN Theme

Black Glass 2 AWN Theme

Blue Line AWN Theme

Carbon Fiber AWN Theme

DockBarX Style

Gloss 3D Dock

Black AWN Theme

Alloy + LED AWN Theme


Scienzia AWN Theme

Mint Dock AWN Theme

Maverido 2 AWN Theme

Wooden Dock AWN Theme

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