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Top 10 Text Editors For Linux / Unix Users

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In This article i will show a quite good collection for advanced text editors for Linux\Unix users, and non-advanced too. including many features to easily edit a lot of deferent text file types.Also you will find many great IDE ” Integrated Development Environment ” text editor for editing many programing languages files.

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Working in multiple desktop environment like KDE, Gnome, and many X window systems. Including many lightweight Text Editors terminal based, GTK+,Qt Based.

Including many features for auto detecting programing languages, plain text, source code, and detect syntax errors. Many of those applications using highly graphical user interface, changing  and customizable on many ways for typing different programing languages, source code, HTML, CSS, ……

Down there a list of Top Text Editors working on Linux / Unix platforms..

1. Emacs

2. Kate

3. NEdit

4. Cute

5. Scribes

6. Rospell

7. Vim

8. Geany

9. Gedit

10. Jedit

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