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Top 10 Plank Dock Themes

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Plank dock is one of the most lightweight application launchers, it does not require a big amount of memory or CPU usage. Plank dock is written using Vala programming language and developed by Docky Core team. Here we are going to have a look at 10 great Plank Dock themes looks stunning on many different desktop styles and user interface customizations.

In an earlier post we have seen the installation instructions on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin using PPA. Also how to configure Plank Dock using the configuration file since it does not have a configurations user interface. So, check the installation instructions then get back to this post in case you want to customize Plank dock with many themes.

[How To]: Install Plank Dock Theme

After extracting the downloaded file, paste the theme folder to this path. You can backup the default theme in case you need it later.


10 Themes For Plank Dock

Rounded Glass Theme For Plank Dock

Download Rounded Glass Plank Theme

Minimalistic Theme For Plank Dock #1

Download Minimalistic Plank Theme #1

Pantheon Theme For Plank Dock

Download Pantheon Theme For Plank

Froyo Theme For Plank Dock

Download Froyo Theme For Plank

Glass Pill Theme For Plank Dock

Download Glass Pill Theme For Plank

Gingerbread Theme For Plank Dock

Download Gingerbread Theme For Plank

Plank Theme – “Panel Style”

Download Plank Theme – Panel style

Minimalistic Theme For Plank Dock #2

Download Minimalistic Plank Theme #2

Plank HUD Theme For Plank Dock

Download Plank HUD Theme For Plank

Ubuntu Panel Theme For Plank Dock

Download Ubuntu Panel theme for Plank

Download links includes further information about the deviantart designers.

Feel free to add more plank dock themes by commenting down below.

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