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Top 10 Docky Themes – GO Docky

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After installing Ubuntu 10.10 I installed avant window navigator dock the development version but i had many problems with it, multiple crashes for many applets, and some time slowing down the machine. But AWN still my favorite one ­čśÇ any way i installed Go docky lately on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and it’s totally awesome. a really great dock has many great features similar to avant window navigator dock “AWN”. Support adding multiple docks on desktop, docklets similar to applets for AWN, and helpers for many applications if installed in your machine to easily control some applications through the dock directly.

Install Docky On Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick

It’s available on Maverick repository and Ubuntu software center as well.

Check installation instruction for other distributions Here.

Okay Docky Installed, let’s check a great Docky Themes collections will looks really good with bright or dark themes and wallpapers, most of these themes support 3d background and good looking menus.

How To Install Docky Theme

Extract Themes in this path ” /usr/share/docky/themes ”


you will need administration privilege[/note]

1. Tinted Steel V2

support 3d background and recommended for widescreens.

Download Tinted Steel V2 Theme

2. HUDocky 1.1

Download HUDocky Theme

3. Frosty Docky theme

Download Frosty Docky Theme

4. Gaia10

Support 2d, 3d Backgrounds, comes with Gala Icons pack.

Download Gaia10 Theme

5. WindowPane Theme for Docky

Download WindowPane Theme

6. Glassy Docky Theme

Download Glassy Theme

7. Dark Glass Theme for Docky

Download Dark Glass Theme

8. Docky 2 Package

Includes Two Themes Plastic glass theme, and inlaid Theme, included with 3d, 2d, and panel mode. Also Docky Icon pack.

Download Docky 2 package Themes

9. Ambiance & Radiance Docky Themes´╗┐

These themes will looks really suitable with Ambiance and Radiance themes for Ubuntu 10.10

Download Ambiance & Radiance Docky Themes

10. NeuGlass Docky Theme

Download NeuGlass Theme

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