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Top 10 Cursors For X Window System

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Cool Cursors collection for X 11 window system, including animated cursors for different installed applications, some of those cursors will look really good for dark themes, and bright themes, don’t forget to read instruction for each cursors, it might need to be renamed to ” .tar.gz ” and simply drag and drop it on Appearance preferences, go to customize, then to pointer tab to select the new pointer.

1. krakin

Download Krakin cursor


Download Uista cursor

3. Defender Black

Download Defender Black Cursor

4. Pulse Glass

Download Pulse Glass Cursor

5. J.Aroche’s Vienna3

Download J.Aroche’s Vienna3 cursor

6. Harmony

Download Harmony Cursor


Download XSKH SE cursor

8. KnotVista

Download KnotVista cursor

9. J.Aroche’s G.A.

Download J.Aroche’s G.A. cursor

10. Ecliz

Download Ecliz cursor

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