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Top 10 Avant Window Navigator AWN Themes #Part 2

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Been a long time for changing Avant window Navigator theme, found really cool collection on deviantart, you will find many themes appropriate for your desktop background and installed themes you have even it was dark theme or bright theme.

Also you can Find Avant window Navigator Themes Part 1 Here

How To install AWN Themes:

Simply open avant window navigator preferences then chose themes tab then press install and select the downloaded theme from the located directory.

or, another way: paste themes to this directory ” /usr/share/avant-window-navigator/themes ”

so here we go

1. Plastico theme

Download Plastico Theme

2. Plastic Glass Theme

Download Plastic Glass Theme

3. Glaciar Theme

Download Glaciar Theme

4. Outlined Theme

Download Outlined Theme

5. Pushed 2.0 Theme

Download Pushed 2.0 Theme

6. Air Dock Theme

Download Air Dock Theme

7. jaaffo’s Theme

Download Jaaffo’s theme

8. Iron Dock Theme

Download Iron Dock Theme

9. Glass Dock Theme

Download Glass Dock Theme

10. Gray Dock Theme

Download Gray Dock Theme

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