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[Tips And Tricks]: Gnome Screenshot Tool

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Most popular tool to take screenshots on gnome desktop But there a lot of tips and tricks for taking screenshots for your desktop, windows, and your active running applications you might not familiar with it.

Usually when you open gnome screenshot tool you will find many options there to capture the whole window, a specific area to grab, or capture current window, and garbing window with delay time. also including two more options for include the pointer, and the border effect for adding shadows or not.

Here there more 9 more things to do even with GUI ” graphical user interface ” for gnome desktop or using Terminal

For terminal

gnome-screenshot --window

this to capture the active window

gnome-screenshot --delay=variable with seconds

This to capture with delay time as you wish

gnome-screenshot --include-border

This to keep the border for the active window

gnome-screenshot --remove-border

This to remove the border for the active window

gnome-screenshot --border-effect=shadow

To add shadow around the active window

gnome-screenshot --border-effect=border

To add border effect around active window

gnome-screenshot --interactive

To open capture window before capturing it

also you can use the print screen button on the keyboard to capture the whole window

To capture active window using the keyboard use the Alt+print screen button

check gnome screenshot documentation for more information.

That’s it for now.

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