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Tiny Core & Micro Core 3.7 Released | Release Announcements

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We have talked about older version of Tiny core and Micro core 3.5 Here, shows the distribution performance, memory and CPU usage in idle mode and usage for multiple application in  the same time. Tiny Core 3.7 has been released along with Micro Core 3.7 and New MultiCore edition.

Tiny Core is really small and quick distribution based on Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, and Fltk, can be used for many purposes specially for web browsing and checking your email and you can install additional application in Tiny Core if you want.

In the release announcements tiny core team announced a new core edition called Multi Core ” multicore.iso” which includes Tiny Core, Micro Core Installation and network Tools as well.

Tiny Core 3.7 Changelog

  • New multicore.iso Both Tiny Core & Micro Core Installation and Network Tools Edition.
  • New added kernel module for NTFS to base, allows read access to NTFS partition.
  • New GUI loadpack to load, when required, Starter Pack after boot.
  • Updated rebuildfstab now supports NTFS-3g for ntfs-3g extension, allows read-write access.
  • Updated cpanel to reflect changes in the base.
  • Updated tc-functions to better handle tcvd virtual disk.
  • Updated network GUI to record udhcpc pid for services support when dhcp is requested.
  • full release announcements Here.

Download TIny Core 3.7 ” 10.3 MB “

Download Micro Core 3.7 ” 6.8 MB “

Download Multi Core 3.7 ” 45.5 MB “

For more Download options and md5 data integrity Here.

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