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Tiny Core And Micro Core 3.5 Released | Memory Usage

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Tiny Core team just announced the stable release of Tiny Core 3.5 along with Micro Core smaller version of Tiny Core. Tiny Core 3.5 size is 10.5 MB and Micro Core 3.5 size is 6.7 MB.

Improved system boot times with optimization of startup code. Administration improved with deletes of uninstalled ondemand without reboot. Many user interface improvements and additional supported options in: appsaduit, wbar, services, tce-audit, and fluff, the integrated file manager. Key system programs updated to latest release: busybox and zsync.

Tiny Core is one of my favorite small distributions i usually keep it on my USB stick to run it on other machines are not mine, because it always has a quick booting time, does not require a decent computer with fast processor or a large amount of memory.

Downoad Tiny Core 3.5 | Micro Core 3.5

Tiny Core 3.5 10.5 MB iso image.

Micro Core 3.5 6.7 MB iso image.

All Download links including md5 for checksum Here.

Tiny Core Vs Micro Core

Micro core system is the console based engine of Tiny Core, the difference is micro core start with the consol based system directly.

Tiny Core Memory Usage

Idle mode Just 16 MB of RAM without installing any extra applications except htop to check memory and CPU usage. Tiny core and micro core are a great minimalist linux for any old machine.

Tiny Core 3.5 changelog

Tiny Core 3.5 Screenshots

Micro Core 3.5

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