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Time To Suggest Fedora 17 Codename | Be Creative

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Fedora Fans! Here’s a chance to choose the codename of upcoming release Fedora 17. Suggesting names beginning September 13th on Fedora wiki page. Suggested names must meets the guidelines for Fedora release names to prevent eliminations.

Jared K. Smith announced on Fedora development mailing list that Fedora 17 Release Naming: Nominations are now open! also mentioned the instructions for submitting new codenames through Fedora 17 name suggestion wiki page. suggested names will be reviewed, then the community will vote on suggested names and the final name will be revealed in 7th October 2011.

So, be creative choose a good name with an “is a” link for what’s this name means/about.

Fedora guidelines for release names Here.

Instructions for suggesting Fedora 17 name and rules Here. ” Check suggestion table for recent Fedora 17 suggestion names “.

History of Fedora release names Here.

Development announcements message Here.

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