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Tile Active Windows On Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Using X Tile Applet

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You won’t need to tile windows location by yourself any more, with this simple applet you can simply Tile windows in many ways to get best view for active windows. I usually use tile mode to easily compare between to windows and included content inside both, also you can use it to simply drag and drop element from window to another.

You will even like this applet more if you have a huge display with big resolution, in this case you will be able to tile windows on many way without have any problem. cause if you have a small screen you might have problem with tile some windows specially with fixed windows size.

Supporting many Tiling options for dual vertical mode, horizontal mode, quad mode for four windows. and more.

Also This applet working on many window managers and desktops ” Gnome, KDE, and Xfce ”

Download Options

That Link includes download options for many distributions you can use deb package for Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, and most debian based distributions.

or you can use the source code for other distributions using supported Desktop and window manager.

– For Ubuntu distributions after installing the deb package you can simply add extra applet for gnome Panel.

Also including Here How to install and using X Tile Applet on another Window manager.

That’s it for Now.

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