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The MagPI Raspberry PI Magazine Issue 02 Released | Download pdf

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The second issue of the MagPI magazine which is fully dedicated for the Raspberry PI project. In this issue of MagPI, there are many new tutorials for Linux distributions, python tutorials “Python Pit”, basic usage for RaspBerry PI, and the new section command line clinic. Check Download mirrors and quick preview link for the 2nd issue.

If you didn’t saw the first issue of MagPI you can have a quick peak or download it from this post.

MagPi issue 02 2012 contents

  • Setting Up The Raspberry Pi
  • Command Line Clinic #CLI
  • SD Card Setup
  • Computer Music
  • Interfacing Projects for Beginners #Architecture
  • Debian VirtualBox Part Deux
  • Skutter robotic arm tutorial
  • Eben & Liz Interview Questions
  • The Python Pit #Tutorial
  • Raspberry Pi Dissection
  • Feedback
  • Web Links & Credits

Preview MagPI issue 02 2012

Download MagPI Magazine issue 02 2012

Check the official website for MagPI magazine for more information and if you would like to contribute in the upcoming issues of this magazine.

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