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The Default Wallpaper For Fedora 24 Has Been Packaged For The Alpha Release

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Fedora 24 has reached three milestone freezes, preparing it to its Alpha release this month in March 22, 2016. And the default wallpaper has been packaged and waiting for review!!

Luya Tshimbalanga, the member of Fedora design team has revealed the default background for Fedora 24 which will be available in the upcoming Alpha release in March 22, 2016. Currently, this background comes standing alone in upcoming Alpha release without any new additional wallpapers. So, probably we will have at the rest of the wallpapers with upcoming development release of Fedora 24.

As usual the Fedora wallpapers comes with a bluish color scheme, and here’s the new wallpaper for Fedora 24.


The package includes Fedora 24 for different screen resolutions and different aspect ratios. Choose what’s suitable for your display.

Download Fedora 24 Default Background

Also, if you are interested in following the accepted changes in Fedora 24 Click Here.

Announcement of the Alpha freeze Here.

Review Request: f24-backgrounds – Default wallpapers for Fedora 24 Here.

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