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Tails 3.7.1 Linux Distribution Released | Brings Tor Browser to 7.5.5 and Security Updates

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Tails is a Debian based Linux distributions aims to provide a secure, private and anonymity user experience while using the internet. Tails team just announced the new maintenance release Tails 3.7.1. Check the release notes and download options down below.

Tails 3.7.1 comes with several application updates which fixes some Security vulnerabilities for Tor Browser, cURL, Thunderbird, wget, Git, Wavpack, GnuPG and more. Check the full list of the recent security updates in Tails 3.7.1.

Some minor changes and bug fixes for setting a screen locker password with non-ASCII characters, WhisperBack launcher to “WhisperBack Error Reporting” so that users have a better chance to understand what it does.

Check the full list of changes for Tails 3.7.1.

Download Tails 3.7.1 – Download Page

Download page includes download options using Direct links and Torrent. If you are currently using earlier release of Tails, check the Upgrade instruction Here.

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