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Tails 3.6 Comes with Tor and Linux Kernel 4.15.0

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Tails is a Debian based Linux distribution brings you anonymous user experience and preserve your identity from being exposed while using the Internet. The development team has just release Tails 3.6 which brought several bug fixes, improvements to the user interface and updated softwares. So, let’s take a quick look on the recent changes and Download options for Tails 3.6.

Tor has been updated to the latest stable release Tor which provides the anonymous connections functionality on Tails. The Kernel has been updated as well to the stable Linux Kernel 4.15.0-1 and Systemd 237PDF Redact Tools for cleaning metadata and redact PDF files by converting them to PNG images. The Email client Mozilla Thunderbird has been updated to version 52.6.0. Additional security option has been added for mailing and browsing by rewriting some internal scripts from shell scripting to Python using GoodCrypto.

Tails 3.6 - Tor Linux

Tails 3.6 New Features and Bug Fixes

Additional functionality has been added to lock the screen through the system menu.

Tails 3.6 came with some security fixes regarding the Intel processor microcode firmware, ffmpeg, LibreOffice, and more. Not to mention a several bug fixes including the issue with ISO image selection being unavailable in Tails Installer in languages other than English, unresponsiveness of OpenPGP Applet being when decrypting a lot of text, and removed the debug and error messages when booting. Check the full list of changes in Tails 3.6 changelog.

Download Tails 3.6 – Download Page

Download page includes download options using Direct links and Torrent. If you are currently using earlier release of Tails, check the Upgrade instruction Here.

The upcoming release Tails 3.7 is expected to be available May 8, 2018.

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