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Tails 2.2 Comes with Onion Circuits Instead of Vidalia

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Have you ever wondered how to access the internet anonymously or protecting your privacy against internet surveillance! without the effort of setting up a VPN and relay connections. Tails Linux distribution is a quite good choice for you.

During your regular usage to the internet, you regularly send application tracking reports, search engine queries, browsing history, your location based on the current IP address, ..etc. All these kind of information could be used to invade your privacy. So, you could use an application called “Tor” to connect you through multiple virtual tunnels and relays to hide your identity and your location. This seems pretty good, but what if you don’t want to bother with setting up Tor in your current Linux distribution, you could simply use a live session of Tails directly from a USB, DVD, and SD card.


Tails is a Debian based Linux distribution with Gnome Desktop environment aims to help users to have a quick and live access anonymously on any computer without leaving a trace. Recently Tails team has announced the release of Tails 2.2 which comes with some bug fixes and updates to Tor software along with its web browser to version 5.5.3. Also, it replaced “Vidalia” with “Onion Circuits” since “Vidalia” has been discontinued and unmaintained for a long time. “Onion Circuits” used to display information about currently established connections and the status relay paths through Tor.

Download Tails 2.2 | A Direct link or Torrent

Tails website provides a very handy getting starting guide if you are not familiar with the ISO verification, installation and configuration process.

Tails 2.2 official release notes Here.

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