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System Monitor/Kill Current processes Using ps Command Line #CLI

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Here’s another way to check your currently running process using command line and “kill or force quit” not responding applications instead of using any graphical user interface for system monitors to check current process.

There’re many ps command syntax for different purposes, but i usually use this command cause it shows all currently running process with each process ID, including all tty and command for each process.

Run terminal then type

ps -e


ps -A

For more ps commands

ps --help

How to force quit or Kill a current process?

First we will need to identify process ID you want to force quit. So will use ps command mentioned up there.

ps -e

for example i want to force quit firefox cause it does not respond, so i will check process ID for firefox on the first column on the left.

then use kill command to force quit the application

kill 25748

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