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Steadyflow Download Manager – Possibilities

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Steadyflow is a download manager for HTTP/FTP. the UI inspired by Transmission bittorrent client, this application still under development written by Vala programing language.

Maia Kozheva announced it on Lucidfox mentioned what’s she currently working on to be available for Steadyflow 0.1 release, and upcoming new features to be added on next releases. so far it’s available with the source code you will need Vala compiler to run it.

Core download manager functionality is currently working, panel indicator, minimize option to panel indicator, notification popups, preferences, and translations.

What is there yet to implement:

  • Advanced control over downloads: pausing, resuming, saving and restoring the session.
  • Controlling from the command line.
  • Epiphany extension.
  • D-Bus API (maybe not for the 0.1 release).

Possible Features to add:

First of all thanks for this application and i really like the inspiration by transmission bittorrent client UI. it will look really simple to use and good looking too.

I hope you add possibility of creating Those features:

  • Download Queue.
  • Shutdown and restart schedule after download individual files or queues.
  • Speed limit

Download Source code Here.

More informations Here.

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