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SoundBox Another GTK Multimedia player

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There are many multimedia player with variety of features and different user interface, and here’s another one called SoundBox. SoundBox is a lightweight GTK multimedia player based on GStreamer.

SoundBox is pretty lightweight application, it has a simple user interface allows you to easily drag and drop file to the playlist. SoundBox support the basic functions for playing audio and video files depending on the currently available gstreamer framwork.

SoundBox Features

  • Audio CD, DVD and subtitles.
  • A vast number of media types.
  • Fullscreen mode and zooming.
  • Visualization plugins.
  • Equalizer for audio and video.
  • Automatic replaygain analysis.
  • Volume fading in and out.
  • Covers loading from local pics.
  • Shuffle and repeat mode.
  • Local searching of media files.
  • Multimedia keys control.
  • Remote control from cmdline.
  • YouTube search and downloading.
  • Playlists and shoutcast streams.
  • ID3 tags editing.

SoundBox notification support.

SoundBox playlist.

SoundBox preferences window. These plugins comes inactive by default. So, you might want to activate it from preference window located on the edit menu.

SoundBox Bugs

  •  I installed it on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin and it’s working fine, but i had a problem with the multimedia keys, unfortunately it’s not working with me.
  • The application does not appear on the applications switcher “Alt+tab”.
  • Youtube plugin takes a lot of time to search.
  • Hopefully these issues will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Download SoundBox

The download page includes the Deb package for Debian, Linux Mint, ..etc. also there’s AUR package for Arch Linux.

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