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Solus 3.0 Has Been Released | Snaps for Universal Software Packaging are Supported

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Solus team has announced Solus 3.0 with Three Flavors of desktop environments, Budgie, GNOME Shell, and Mate Desktop. Solus Linux distributions have always been known for the elegant looking themes and out of the box modifications for their Desktop Environments. The recent releases brought several improvements to the Hardware side of the Linux Kernel, many packages have been updated, and desktop environments especially (Budgie) have received a substantial amount of user interface enhancements.

 Solus 3 Budgie Desktop Environment Linux

Solus 3.0 Comes with Linux Kernel 4.12.7

The recent Linux Kernel 4.12.7 came with a better hardware support for Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA hardware. AppArmor is enabled by default which confines snapd and other programs to a limited set of resources and controlled via profiles loaded on the Linux Kernel.

As a part of improvements to the graphical performance and reliability for running some Games. Mesa 17.1.6 and libtxc_dxtn packages have been updated.

Bluetooth controllers are automatically enabled, Printing and Scanning have been improved for HP & Canon Printers, and Scanners with new drivers for both vendors and better integrations to Solus 3.0.

Solus 3.0 Supports Snaps for Universal Software Packaging

Snaps aims to provide a universal software packaging for many Linux distributions which will ease the process for providing the recent softwares to multiple Linux distributions at the same time through Snaps. Now, Solus team brought the support of Snapcraft to their recent Release Solus 3.0 and you can install softwares using Snap command.

Desktop Environments of Solus 3.0

Solus 3.0 comes with Budgie, Gnome Shell, and Mate Desktop environments. All flavors of Solus 3.0 have received many improvements and enhancements. Budgie 10.4 comes with a graphical user interface tool to easily configure the desktop environments and change various elements to it. Solus 3.0 GNOME Edition comes GNOME Shell 3.24.3 along with the recent improvements and updated to the last stable release of GNOME packages.

Download Solus 3.0 (Budgie – Gnome and Mate) Editions

Download Page includes options for downloading through direct links using (HTTP) and Torrent files for all editions of Solus 3.0. Check the How To burn ISO images of Solus 3.0 to DVD or using a USB drive through instructions Here.

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