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Smeegol 1.0 Released With MeeGo User Interface – OpenSUSE Based

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Smeegol 1.0 is an OpenSUSE distribution based with Meego user interface will be great to use on netbook developed by volunteer of OpenSUSE Globin team. Smeegol distribution built using SUSE studio is a great tool for building distribution based on OpenSUSE and customized with different user interface.

Smeegol 1.0 comes up with great multimedia up to date applications like Banshee 1.8.0 you will be able to purchase music directly form amazon’s MP3 store also you will be able to share your current played files on Banshee over IM Telepathy like empathy application, and you can add more features to banshee using community Extensions.

Included with with many internet applications ” web browsers, mail client, social media sharing , ….. ” also it’s up to you to add more applications to Smeegol using 3rd party repositories for OpenSUSE you will find a lot of great applications there.

Download Smeegol 1.0

Smeegol 1.0 available to download to 32 and 64 Bit systems.

Smeegol 32 bit Here.

Smeegol 64 bit Here.

check release announcement Here.

Stay tuned for Smeegol 1.0 Review.

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