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Simon 0.4.0 Brings Better Speech Recognition Accuracy

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Simon is a free and open source speech recognition software. The new release Simon 0.4.0 brings many improvements which increases the recognition accuracy and ability to hold a whole conversation. Also, it comes with several new features.


Simon 0.4.0 comes with a new organized user interface which brings the most important features in one window. Simon 0.4.0 supports adding high quality speech models provided using Voxforge project, which provides several Speech Audio files, Acoustic Models, and Scripts.

Simon 0.4.0 become more effective and capable of deactivate some unnecessary scenarios using “context conditions”.

For example: Why listen for “Close tab” when your browser isn’t even open? Or why listen for anything at all when you’re actually in the next room listening to music? Yes, Simon is watching you.

Check the full release notes for Simon 0.4.0 and Download mirrors for the source code and the Microsoft windows installer.

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