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[Reviews]: Smeegol 1.0 Review – OpenSuse Based

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Smeegol 1.0 distribution quite similar to Meego distribution which built by combining between Moblin and Maemo. OpenSUSE goblin team announced Smeegol 1.0 release, OpenSUSE based distribution, using Meego user interface. Comes with a really big software collection and most of them up to date including internet application, multimedia application, social media application, and many applications will mention it on the review.

Installing Smeegol 1.0

Unfortunately i couldn’t use the live session or install smeegol on virtual box ” hence a broken SUSE Studio Testdrive “, so i burned the Iso file to DVD.

Hardware Specifications

2.1 GHz dual core processor, 2 GB RAM, 512 MB of Video memory, 14.1″ inch display.

Smeegol 1.0

Booting time take a while using DVD until it run the live session. Experience Meego interface with OpenSUSE features and all these installed application was really awesome, Smeegol 1.0 comes with multimedia applications ” Banshee 1.8.0 support purchase from amazon MP3 store, comes with multiple web browser ” firefox and chromium web browser “, also Evolution mail client, and many application for gnome, lxde.

Gnome Do application launcher to easily run applications and browse file manager, also included with Nautilus files manager and many Gnome packages included.

Social Network allows you to add multiple accounts and it will show up on ” Myzone ” to notify you with appointments and your friends birthday, also shows twitter updates, myspace, flicker, facebook, digg, and

Device manager menu is really handy to control your attached devices ” external drivers, mobile phones, USB disks “, control computer volume, show your home directory folders and trash.

Internet Menu show your recently running tabs for you web browsers with small thumbnails, and show favorite pages too.

Thoughts about Smeegol 1.0

  • I used Smeegol with 14.1″ inch display, felt really comfortable using it with this size of displays or smaller, considering using it on 10″ netbook display.
  • Wondering if Smeegol support touch screen.
  • Easily Creating Based distributions using SUSE Studio is totally awesome.
  • Unfortunately Smeegol don’t support virtual machines really well, tried it on virtual box didn’t work really good.
  • Many Thanks to Goblin Team and SUSE Studio Team for this great work.

Smeegol 1.0 Screenshots

Download Smeegol 1.0

Smeegol 1.0 available to download to 32 and 64 Bit systems.

Smeegol 32 bit Here.

Smeegol 64 bit Here.


Smeegol 1.0 Released With MeeGo User Interface – OpenSUSE Based Here.

Smeegol 1.0 Release Announcement Here.

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