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[Reviews]: Sidux Hypnos 2010-01 Xfce Review

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Debian based distribution comes with two Desktops KDE, Xfce and this one going to review today here. most packages with Xfce version is upgraded to last version. Fully customized with xfce window manager, will show exactly how to fully customize many things on Sidux Hypnos.

Check the Release Notes Here

Download Sidux Hypnos 2010-01 Xfce version Here

using it on virtual box with these hardware specification:

  • Single core processor 2.1 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 12 MB of video memory

Starting with the boot menu for the Grub 1.98 installed and you will be able choose between running sidux 2010-01, booting from first Hard drive, memory test. and extra options for languages command line. check the small bar down there.

Really cool splash background for the new sidux 2010-01, it’s fully customizable from session and startup from Xfce settings, you will be able to choose from other splashs there, configure the splash for sidux and you always able to add more splash backgrounds.

after the first boot will open iceweasel to show the new release notes for Hypnos Xfce version.

Showing main installed applications on Sidux Hypnos 2010-01

Xarchive, squeeze applications for archiving ways. Thunar file manager coming with xfce window manager. most packages installed integrated with Xfce window manager.

Multimedia: applications included burning applications Brasero multi burning ways for CDs and DVDs, Gxine simple audio video player, mixer, and Xfburn simple burning tool for xfce.

Network applications: Ceni simple tool running using Terminal for choose network interface and customize it. Elinks non graphics web browser awesome to easily use specially using Keyboard. Iceweasel web browser as same as mozilla firefox web browser. pppoe configure: to configure your internet connection.

Also you will find IRC applications, SSH, Transmission torrent client, and xchat application.

Office applications: installed applications for word processor AbiWord, and Gnumeric simple application for spreadsheet.

System Menu: you will find a lot of options for setting a password, Removing extra kernel installed, Htop for show processing application on your session right now, sidux installer, sidux manual, and you are able to install using USB from there.

Settings menu: you can fully customize and control your distribution using this menu or simply open Xfce 4 settings manager, from there you will find a lot of options for customize you display resolutions, icons, splash backgrounds, network connections, appearance, window manager Tweaks, session and startups for controling staring up applications, and splash, and even more.

Sidux Hypnos 2010-01 Screenshots:

That’s it for now.

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