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[Reviews]: Puppy Linux 5.0 Review

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Puppy Linux 5.0 or called Lucid Puppy it a minimal distribution based Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release, built on binary packages on Lucid Lynx. comes with a lot of installed packages even you can get more using “Puppy package manager”, using JWM desktop really cool window manger ” Joe’s window manger ” to get more information about JWM desktop follow this link

Using it as a live session on SUN VirtualBox with this hardware specification

  • Single core processor 2.1 Ghz
  • 384 MB memory RAM
  • 12 MB Video memory

First Impression

Really quick release with a really small size distribution just 128 MB it’s not the smallest distribution released but it comes with a lot of installed great packages and internet applications,

Graphics packages ” light inkscape application “, Network manager, Multimedia applications “burn ISO to cd/dvd, Pburn for cd/dvd/blue-ray, ISO master to modify ISO files. and a lot of multimedia application ” Asunder audio CD ripper, Gxine media player, Pmusic player, Pcdripper CD songs ripper, Zmixer audio mixer, mhwave edit audio recorder/editor ” default writing application abiword, Gnumeric spreadsheet application.

First run configuration window comes up with first time boot up that help you out to modify you keyboard layout, languages, Location, time and date, and resolution setting.

when first used it felt it’s messy a little bit with all these icons on the desktop and after using it  for a while and getting used to JWM desktop you will find out that distribution is really cool.

Chthemes GTK themes chooser with GTK+ 2.0

Installing extra packages using Puppy packages manager. you will find a lot of recommended applications listed under many categories and Repo s ” Ubuntu lucid-main, Ubuntu-Lucid- multiverse, puppy-woof, puppy-5″

before turn off the live session it will ask you to save your files and settings you already done on the live session.

Who should use this distribution

This distribution is really light weight distribution, if you have an old laptop or any machine with really low hardware specification this will be a really good choice for you, cause it’s totally awesome and quick. that’s not mean decent computers can’t use it. working great on all.

More information, release Notes and Download Options Follow this link

Direct Download link for Linux Puppy 5.0

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