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Review : xPUD 0.9.2 Review light distribution

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xPUD 0.9.2 Review

xPUD distribution light wight distribution using simple web interface called plate user interface. this is a really good choice distribution to use if you want to get a quick access to internet or directories, multimedia files, document files, …..

You can install it in your USB, laptop, Notebook, Desktop, …  the good thing is the boot time really good booting time even in this review i was using it in my virtual machine “sun virtualbox”.

  • screenshots

main installed application mozilla firefox, mplayer, document reader, also you can get extra application using opt-get software center, it’s like synaptic package manager we using on ubuntu or mint distributions. you can find openoffice, skype, extra codecs for playing multimedia files, ….  all this application located on opt-get software center.

  • System requirement for this distribution

256MB RAM and 64MB free disk required.

also check the full video review “screencast” play in HD for better quality

To download xPUD 0.9.2 here

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