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Replace Default Gnome Menu Bar With GnoMenu Applet

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Default Gnome Menu not Fully customizable with easily Graphical user interface that every user able to make his/her customizations.

For GnoMenu you can simply change themes, icons, main menu Applet button.Also including transparent with background for many themes.

GnoMenu working on many ways for panels, Docks, window managers. For Gnome Desktop you can simply remove main menu applet and add the new applet for GnoMenu. you can also use it on Xfce but you will need to install extra package to be able to run Gnome applets on Xfce panel called Xfapplet.

Supported Docks:

– Avant Window Navigator AWN dock

– Docky

– Cairo Dock

Download GnoMenu´╗┐

Follow This Link and Download Last Stable release.

How To Install GnoMenu

Simply download the package then extract it, go to terminal to the directory you extracted this package to and type

 sudo make install 

After The installation you will be able to use GnoMenu on AWN Dock, Docky, Cairo Dock, by adding extra applet from the dock preferences ” For more information check the readme file on GnoMenu installation folder.

I tried it on Gnome Panel and works really good and also working on Avant Window Navigator Dock.

GnoMenu Screenshots

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