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Raspbian Stretch Linux Distribution Has Been Released | Based on Debian 9 Branch

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The Official Linux distribution (Raspbian Stretch) for Raspberry Pi mini computer boards has been released. The new release is based on the latest flagship Linux Distribution of Debian 9 (Stretch) Branch.

A few weeks earlier Debian team has announced the latest stable release Debian 9.1 (Stretch) their long term support release for packages and security patches as well. Please check the post of Debian 9.1 (Stretch) to check what’s New in that release. Raspbian Stretch is based on Debian 9 Branch. So, you should expect a solid performance and regular applications and security updates from Debian repositories.

Raspbian Stretch comes with a bundle of educational learning and programming softwares such as Python, Scratch, Sonic Pi, Java, Mathematica, and more.

Raspbian Stretch - Debian 9 based Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi

What’s New Raspbian Stretch

Raspbian Stretch looks quite the same as its predecessor Raspbian Jessie both comes with Pixel Desktop (It’s mostly LXDE with Raspberry Pi visual touch) for the user interface it received a minor theme modifications. All the major Changes to Raspbian Stretch you will notice are the Currently installed applications along with the foundation of updates comes with Debian 9 (Stretch) branch.

It comes with Chromium 60 web browser as the default web browser. The innovative coding software Sonic Pi 3.0.1 has been updated as well. Scratch editor hasn’t been updated since the earlier release, but Scratch 2 received a new extension (SENSE HAT). ALso, it came with RealVNC 6.1.1 and NodeRED 0.17.4.

Raspbian Stretch received an updated Kernel and firmware for hardware compatibility and security patches. Bluetooth Audio is routed via ALSA instead of PulseAudio. The Wireless firmware for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry pi 0W (Wireless) address Broadpwn exploit.

Download Raspbian Stretch | Debian 9 Based

Download Page – Download Raspbian Stretch

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The release notes of Raspbian Stretch includes upgrading instructions from their earlier release Raspbian Jessie. However, Raspberry team recommends making a fresh install of Raspbian Stretch.

Post Updated: Fixing issues for Displaying the Chinese and Japanese fonts

Some people have noticed that the Chinese and Japanese fonts are missing, resulting in garbled text when the locale is changed. This is due to a font package which was present in Jessie but not included in Stretch.

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