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Puppy Linux 5.0 Wary Released | Old Hardware Support

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Puppy Linux 5.0 wary finally released after many beta releases and RC version, Puppy 5.0 wary not Ubuntu based distribution as older version of Puppy Linux 5.0 also known as Puppy lucid Here, but Puppy 5.0 Wary support installing applications from Ubuntu repositories. The good news is Wary Puppy Linux 5.0 is long term support release for next 2-3 years.

Wary Puppy Linux 5.0 built for old hardware specifications machines so don’t expect it will support all new hardware drivers available right now cause it using old kernel version it’s totally ok because the main purpose of this distribution to be used on old machines.

Download Wary Puppy Linux 5.0

Wary 5.0 Full Here. ” 124 MB ”

Wary 5.0 small Here. ” 100 MB ”

Wary 5.0 more download options Here.


Wary 5.0 Small

Does not include all kernel drivers, modules ” Analog modem, SCSI and exotic modules ” and Adobe Flash player.


Stay tuned for more Puppies.


Wary Puppy Linux 5.0 Release announcements Here.

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