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piCore 5.2 Has Been Released | Download

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piCore is a minimal Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi “single-board computer”. piCore is ported from Tiny Core Linux distribution. Tiny Core team has just announced the last stable release of piCore version 5.2. Check the changelog and download options for it down below.

What’s New in piCore 5.2 | Changelog

  • kernel updated to 3.13.3
  • updated RPi firmware
  • useBusybox in tc-functions changed to eliminate interference with certain installed GNU apps
  • rebuildfstab: do not replace fstab entries for a device that does not have “Added by TC” on the line
  • init: increase the default inode count
  • ondemand: don’t list extensions under subdirs in onboot maintenance
  • Busybox split suid/nosuid for better security
  • ldd: Added quotes for binaries with spaces in their names
  • /etc/services: modified to suit rpcbind rather than portmap
  • tc-functions: Removed the getpasswd stars to allow backspace to work
  • added accelerated arm-mem library to spead-up memcmp, memcpy, memmove & memset
  • added ntpd BusyBox applet
  • now using ntpd to get time
  • preinstalled packages updated
  • frame buffer driver replaced with accelerated fbturbo


Download piCore 5.2

Download page includes different images with SSH headless operationĀ or a graphical user interface.

piCore 5.2 announcements.

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