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PeaZip | Advanced File and Archive Manager for Linux

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Most of the Linux distributions comes pre-installed with an archive manager such as “File roller”, which is quite good archive manager and it supports variety of archive file formats. However, the graphical user interface didn’t change a bit since a long time and it lacks of some necessary functions you might need for compressing and extracting files. So, here we will have a look at another File/Archive manager for Linux platform called PeaZip.

PeaZip File and Archive Manager Main Features


PeaZip is a file and archive manager for cross-platform with different CPU architectures “i386 and x86_64” , it supports extracting more than 150 archive file formats and compressing opensource file formats such as “7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, and ZIP files”. It allows you to do the basic functions of extracting and compressing but with more utilities for multiple files and folders at once, also, you can convert between archive file formats with advanced options to control the compression level and if you would like to split the compressed file to multiple files. It support different types of verification methods for compressed files, such as “MD5, SHA1, ..etc” this functions comes handy specially when you want to make sure you have uncorrupted compressed file. Also, PeaZip supports splitting or joining files, encrypting compress files, find duplicated files, compare files, securely delete files and many more features.


It comes with a neat user interface which allows you to easily browse your files and folder in different viewing modes such as “flat view, list view, detailed list view and icons/images view”. Also, it allows you to choose between some pre-loaded themes and you can download additional themes from the official website. PeaZip sidebar can be customized for different purposes such as “Navigation, tree view and quick access to applications functions”. Also, the status bar are customizable for showing the basic status bar, detailed status bar, history, bookmarks, and clipboard.

Download PeaZip 5.2.2 Archive Manager

Download page includes:

DEB packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, ..etc.

RPM packages for Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Arch Linux, ..etc.

TGZ packages for Slackware based distributions.


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