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Opera TV Browser For Linux and Android Based TV Sets

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Opera web browser is almost available for every device we have these days such as desktop, tablet, mobile devices and it’s available for the major platforms. Now, Opera software ASA will provide a new web browsing experience called “Opera TV Browser”, which will allow you to have a full browsing experience through Linux and Android based TVs.

Opera TV browser is optimized with simple user interface to work on TV sets, and to ease the browsing experience while watching TV programs. Also it support the ordinary IR remote controls, which will allow you to navigate web pages using four way navigation buttons and capability to zoom the web pages content and it will wrap the text for you.

Opera TV browser provides the same features you have on opera for mobile or tablets devices and some new features. So, you will be able to open multiple tabs, add web pages to speed dials, and bookmark, check the web browsing history and recently downloaded content on the download list. Also you will be able to synchronize your password, bookmarks and speed dials from other devices using opera link feature.

Opera TV browser comes with a new visual bookmark, which will allow you to bookmark web pages, organize it within different folders, and it will provide a visual thumbnail for each page you have bookmarked. It supports HTML5, CSS3, XML 1.1, JavaScript, and SVG.

Opera TV Browser Video Preview

Opera willing to provide other TV products such as HbbTV, Opera TV store which includes many applications optimized for TV sets. Check the opera product sheets for the full Opera TV products.

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