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Opera Brings Native Ad-Blocking To The Desktop Web Browser

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Opera introducing a new feature to its desktop web browser will improve the web browsing experience for many users. A new native Ad-blocking integration comes with the development release of Opera desktop web browser.

Ad-blocking functionality isn’t a new feature to desktop web browsers, therefore, having this feature you might not consider it as an addition to desktop web browser. But, what makes this features is better than adding an add-ons or extensions for blocking advertisements?! it blocks advertisements directly from the web engine level. So, it won’t be similar to the Ad-blocking using add-ons or extensions available for the desktop web browsers.


According to a research made by Opera, the native Ad-blocking feature brings a faster web browsing by 45% comparing to Google Chrome web browser with AdBlock plus extension. Opera used a machine with AMD Phenom II X6 processor with 8 GB of RAM running Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit and the benchmarking was done on other operating systems as well and the results was quite similar.

Ad-blocking is considered useful for many reasons. Some unreliable websites provides inappropriate contents and fake advertisement could be invade your privacy and lead to malware infection through these ads. So, you might consider using Ad-blocking for certain websites to protect yourself.

By default this feature is disabled, the web browser auto detect if there’re ads on the website and it will suggest blocking ads using the new Ad-blocking feature located in the address bar.

Opera 37.0.2163.0 changelog

  • DNA-46628 Stormcrow: Opera built-in ad-blocking.
  • DNA-49628 [XP] Can not install opera, problem with PSAPI.dll.
  • DNA-49983 Download popout is missing filename after accepting and finishing the risky download ☣
  • DNA-50183 Download button shows the progress even if download wasn’t confirmed yet ☣
  • DNA-50204 [Mac] Adapt current UI design to specs ☣
  • DNA-50228 Opera will not run again when sync error occurred in previous session.
  • DNA-50357 Make sure that the duplicate tracker is not started if the model has not changed.
  • DNA-50376 [Webui] Side menu: Ignore cursor events for a separation line.
  • DNA-50377 Go to browser settings not translated to any language ☣
  • DNA-50401 Update Win 10 icons for O36.
  • DNA-50403 [Mac] Add missing text below current ads blocked ☣
  • DNA-50446 [Mac] Create popup showing load speed gain with adblocker enabled ☣
  • DNA-50457 Adblocker – wrong counting of blocked ads ☣
  • DNA-50458 [Win][x64] dump_syms.exe linking error.
  • DNA-50500 NaN in speed test comparison.

Download Opera 37.0.2163.0 Development Release

Opera developer for 32-bit Linux – deb file

Opera developer for 64-bit Linux – deb file

Opera developer for 32-bit Linux – RPM file

Opera developer for 64-bit Linux – RPM file

To download the development release for other operating systems check Source.

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