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Opera 12 Pre-Alpha Wahoo Released | Changelog

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Just 8 days after releasing Opera 11.50 Swordfish and it’s almost hit 34,000,000 downloads. Today Opera desktop team announced new Opera 12 Pre-Alpha with codename Wahoo.

Opera 12 Pre-Alpha includes some bug fixes for different platform ” Linux/FreeBSD, MAC OS X, and Microsoft Windows “.

Opera 12 Pre-Alpha Changelog

  • Upgrade widget via main menu stalls.
  • Miss sorting for incoming mails, news and feeds.
  • Impossible to manual resize speed dial if custom number of columns is set.
  • Widget without a name treated as invalid widget.
  • The status bar dissappears if you show menu bar.
  • Select all files in the web browser auto copied to the clipboard.
  • Opera doesn’t respect opera:config#UserPrefs|PageBarOpenURLOnMiddleClick setting.
  • Wrong border width for popup menues (KDE).
  • Window background in KDE incorrect: further fix needed for tab bar.
  • Wrong background color / effects for (hovered/disabled) popup menu buttons (KDE).
  • Popup menu indicator arrows are poorly styled under KDE.

Download Opera 12 Pre-Alpha Wahoo

Linux Debian Based i386 “.deb” Here. “i.e. Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, …”

Linux Debian Based AMD64 “.deb ” Here.

RPM Package i386 “.RPM” Here. “i.e Redhat, Fedora, OpenSuse, …”

RPM Package x86/64 “.RPM” Here.

More download options for other distributions Here.

Full release notes and changelogs for different platforms ” MAC and Windows ” Here.

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