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Nylas N1 A Web Based Mail Client For Linux With An Elegant GUI

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Nylas N1 is a free and open-source mail client built using  Electron, React, and Flux. It comes with a simple and neat graphical user interface could be customizable using plugins and themes. It supports many mail provider such as Google Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft exchange, Outlook, Icloud and  e-mails uses IMAP/SMTP.


Connecting to your e-mail account might require to login in through the web browser to give a permission for N1 e-mail client from the official e-mail provider website.

Nylas N1_009

N1 has a flexible user interface, initially, you could choose between single panel layout or Two panel layout to preview your e-mails directly in the second panel. Also, you could choose between keyboard shortcuts provided by the e-mail provider itself.



By default the N1 comes with light theme or a dark theme, you could choose between from “General” tab located in the N1 settings window. Also, you can download additional themes to be suitable for the colour scheme of your operating system.check a list of the currently available themes for N1 Here. Also, you can build your own theme using this guide Here.

Nylas N1_006

With the initial setup of N1 you will add a single account. But, you could add multiple e-mail accounts later from the “Accounts” tab in N1 settings window.


N1 includes by default some useful plugins, you could enable or disable as you wish such as quick replies, translation, git hub integration, link tracking, keyboard Emoji, ..etc. Check the “Plugins” tab in N1 settings window for more. If you have something in your mind you would like to integrate in the N1 e-mail client, you can build your own plugin using this guide Here.

More Features in Nylas N1 e-mail client:

  1. Signature support.
  2. Gmail integration is quite good. N1 brings similar experience to the web interface for Gmail.
  3. Tracks if you e-mails have been read.
  4. Link tracking. Check if your links have been clicked.
  5. Schedule e-mails to be send later.
  6. Add animated GIF in your e-mails.

Download Nylas N1 E-mail client

N1 e-mail client is available for Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. Currently, the website provides a DEB packages for Debian based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, ..etc. Also, RPM packages for CentOS, Fedora, Scientific Linux, and many other distributions uses RPM package manager.

According to the official website, RPM package for Fedora will be available soon. However, the RPM package provided by the website has been tested on CentOS 7 and DEB package has been tasted on Ubuntu 15.10 “Wily Werewolf”. Since the RPM package works with CentOS, it might work with the recent releases of Fedora, since both uses RPM package manager and CentOS is a Redhat based distribution.

Download DEB or RPM package

Official website Here.
GitHub page for Nylas N1 Here.

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