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Mozilla Firefox 65 Brings better Image and Video Compression | Download

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Mozilla has announced a new major release Firefox 65 Desktop and Mobile web browsers. Firefox 65 web browser brings several new features and bug fixes. Let’s take a quick look on the recent changes.

What’s new in Mozilla Firefox 65

Enhanced tracking protection for a better control of your privacy while browsing websites with a tracking cookies. 3 options to control the level of blocking cookies and trackers on websites “Standard, Strict and Custom”.

Mozilla Firefox 65 allows you to change the user interface language without using additional addon or making a fresh install of Firefox with the required language.

AV1 is a new video compression technology which will provide a quite good compression levels in compare to HEVC and VP9. Most of the current video streaming services would take advantage of this new technology especially that it’s a free of charge.

WebP is a new image format for the web that provides lossless and lossy compression for images. In compare to PNG and JPEG image formats it would come with a better compression levels 26% and 25-34% smaller respectively.

Several security bug fixes has addressed several vulnerabilities on the previous releases of Firefox. check the following change log for further information.

Check Mozilla Firefox 65 Release Notes.

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