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Mozilla FireFox 5 vs Google Chrome 12 #Benchmark

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I have been using Mozilla Firefox 5 since Mozilla developer announced it, firstly when I decide to add this post I was not going to compare between Mozilla Firefox 5 and Google Chrome 12, just to check Firefox 5 enhancements. But when I used couple benchmarks for checking HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS 3, didn’t expect this result.

Check Mozilla Firefox 5 release notes and what’s new Here.

Browsers Versions

Mozilla Firefox 5.0 – Google Chrome 12.0.742.100 “.91

In both web browsers we used same benchmark tools for checking web browser performance, memory usage, CPU usage, JavaScript, CSS 3, and HTML 5.

1. PeaceKeeper Benchmark

Peacekeeper is a JavaScript performance and animations, navigations functionality benchmark tool. check mostly common used JavaScript functions in web browsers.

After few minutes for peacekeeper benchmarking performs rendering, social network, complex graphics, data processing, DOM operation, and text parsing test.

2. Asteroidsbench for kevs3d

HTML 5 Benchmark teets 2D canvas rendering performance with FPS for commonly used HTML 5 functions in games drawimage, drawimage scaling, alpha, composition, shadows, and text functions.

check the benchmark on the screencast for Firefox with chrome side by side.

3. V8 Benchmark Suite

Another JavaScript benchmark higher score means better performance Here.

4. PaintBall Benchmark Tool

Even after using Microsoft PaintBall benchmark tool Firefox 5 able to paint the whole paint in 41.70 seconds, and painted 125 Paintballs per minutes. Google Chrome 12 able to paint the whole paint in 53.90 seconds, and painted 96 paintballs per minutes, Google Chrome 12 couldn’t handle Paintball benchmark quite well and took long time and slows down the machine. Give it a try in your browser Here.

5. Mozilla Kraken JavaScript Benchmark


6. SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark


7. Memory Usage

Opening same number of tabs “10 tabs” in both web browser the memory usage was 125 MB for Firefox 5 and 320 MB for Google chrome 12.

[note] These Benchmarks effected by your computer hardware specifications CPU, RAM, GPU,..etc[/note]

Benchmark Conclusion

Google Chrome 12 performs really well with many JavaScript functions according to benchmarks used in this post. HTML 5 video benchmark and CSS 3D hardware acceleration works incredibly well, also you can check HTML 5 video experiment for shaun the sheep in this post Here. Google chrome uses a separated memory usage for each tab and google extensions but overall after comparing it with firefox it require more memory with running same number to tabs.

Mozilla Firefox 5 benchmark scores looks really low compared to Google Chrome benchmark scores even though it was performing quite good with same benchmark tools specially for compiling JavaScript with taking advantage of your CPU and RAM. Firefox 5 does not require a lot of memory usage.

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