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Mozilla FireFox 4 Release Candidate 1 Available To Download

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Getting closer to the final release of Mozilla FireFox 4 desktop web browser, Now Firefox 4 RC version 1 has been released. Release candidate 1 fixed many issues on earlier releases and become more stable for daily usage.

What’s New in FireFox 4 RC 1

Firefox 4 web browser is available to download for Linux, MAC OSX and Microsoft Windows as well, for what’s new in firefox 4 RC version we will mentioned what’s important for Linux as the first priority, then will mention everything else.

  • General stability, performance, and compatibility improvements
  • Firefox 4 RC is available in 79 languages
  • Support for the proposed Do Not Track (“DNT”) header
  • Connection status messages are now shown in a small overlay
  • WebGL is enabled on all platforms, but, like for other hardware acceleration features, many buggy drivers or driver versions are blocked
  • Firefox no longer switches into offline mode automatically
  • Tabs are now on top by default on Linux, MAC OS X, and windows
  • Full WebGL support is included
  • New HTML5 parser
  • And many more new features and fixes Here.
  • FireFox 4 RC 1 bug list fixes Here.

Add-Ons Compatibility with FireFox 4

Now More than 70 Percent of firefox add-ons are compatible with firefox 4. Also you can report older add-ons version with firefox 4 using Add-on Compatibility Reporter add it to firefox 4.

Firefox with customized persona called Aurora Australis.

Some of older extensions and add-ons are not supported firefox 4, please report unsupported add-ons using this add-on.

Group tabs are a great way to organize your tabs while you are browsing many tabs different groups names and really easy to resize and change it’s locations in the window Hot Key ctrl+shift+e

Download Firefox 4 RC 1


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